Why Choose A Simple Cremation?

Why choose a simple cremation?

An increasingly popular choice

Why Choose A Simple Cremation?

Why choose a simple cremation?

People choose simple cremation for various different reasons depending on their own circumstances. However, we have outlined some of the advantages that make it an increasingly popular choice…


Traditional funerals can be expensive. Extravagant coffins, expensive hearses, limousines and costly flowers will quickly add up to a lot of money. People now also tend to feel less obligated to have such a funeral and see little sense in putting unnecessary financial strain on themselves and their family.

Personal meaning

It can be hard to relate to the traditional form of funeral, with sombre undertakers dressed in black, the physically invasive process of embalming and the slow procession of the hearses.

Choosing a ceremony that relates more to how someone lived seems more appropriate to families, with relatives and friends taking more meaning from a personally relevant celebration.


You can choose to say goodbye to your loved one in a way that is best for you and your family.

Many families choose to have a small informal service at the chapel and perhaps have a gathering afterwards to share memories and stories.

Alternatively some choose to have no service at the crematorium and instead have a family gathering after the cremation as taken place.

In situations where some family and friends are unable to attend the funeral, maybe due to living overseas, having the celebration of life at a more convenient date can be a great option. By separating the cremation from the celebration of life, memorial or gathering it means the family has great flexibility in deciding when and how they wish to remember their loved one. Some choose to wait for summer and scatter the ashes at a favourite holiday destination or in the ocean.

Because the ashes are portable you are free to scatter them where you wish, maybe in the garden, at a church or other place important to you. If you would prefer not to scatter the ashes you may choose to keep or bury them, perhaps planting a tree or plant in the same location.

You may decide to have a humanist, vicar or member of the family lead the ceremony. Maybe a few family and friends say a little something each, or not have a ceremony at all – it really is up to you.

No upfront payment required

We understand that the loss of a loved one can be an unexpected expense.
No payment is necessary until after the cremation.

Help claiming

We have helped many families claim their funeral expenses. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Did you know?

A vicar, humanist or celebrant will charge around £215 to lead a service. However we offer a FREE personal service led by Leanne. Learn More »

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