Step-by-step guide

Step-by-step guide

A brief step-by-step guide

Step-by-step guide

Step-by-step guide

1. Completing the required documentation
We will meet with you at your convenience and guide you through the various forms that need to be completed. The documents are all fairly easy to understand and it shouldn’t take too long.

Certificate for Burial or Cremation (Green Form)

You will be given this by the registrar when you register the death.

Order for Cremation (Preliminary Application)

This form records your wishes regarding the cremation and what should be done with the ashes.

Cremation 1 – Application for Cremation

Form for applying for the cremation of the deceased.

Cremation 4 and Cremation 5 – Medical Certificates for Cremation

These forms are for registered medical practitioners to complete to release a body for cremation. They need to be signed by a doctor confirming the cause of death. Two doctors are required, one to sign Cremation 4 and another to sign Cremation 5.

2. Scheduling the Cremation
With the required documentation completed we will then schedule the cremation with the appropriate crematorium. We can usually confirm a date and time of your choice whilst on the phone with you. The paperwork will be taken to the crematorium for their authorisation.
3. The Cremation
We will transport the deceased to the crematorium on the day of cremation. If you are having a funeral service the deceased will be resting in the chapel before the service begins. The ashes, depending on your wishes, can be scattered at the crematorium or returned to you. We are happy to return them to you, alternatively you can pick them up from the crematorium.

No upfront payment required

We understand that the loss of a loved one can be an unexpected expense.
No payment is necessary until after the cremation.

Help claiming

We have helped many families claim their funeral expenses. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Did you know?

A vicar, humanist or celebrant will charge around £215 to lead a service. However we offer a FREE personal service led by Leanne. Learn More »

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