Help Paying For A Funeral

Help Paying For A Funeral

Help Paying For A Funeral

Help Paying For A Funeral

There are many families who struggle to find the funds to pay for a funeral. This can lead to added stress at an already difficult time.

The government offer financial support to eligible families to help meet the funeral costs. Recently bereavement benefits were changed, those bereaved on or after 6th April 2017 fall under the new payments rules.

Below we have given a brief summary of two bereavement benefits, the ‘Funeral Payment’ and ‘Bereavement Support Payment’. We have described the new benefits and provided links to the government and citizens advice websites which go in to more detail.

We have helped many families who use our services claim bereavement benefits.

Funeral Payment

The Funeral Payment is aimed at helping people on low income pay for a funeral. If the funeral is for your partner or child you may be entitled to the payment as long as you meet other conditions.

If you are a relative or friend you may be entitled to payment, however it must be deemed reasonable for you to be responsible for the funeral costs.

Recommended reading: Government | Citizens Advice

Bereavement Support Payment

You may be entitled to Bereavement Support Payment if:

Your partner (husband / wife / civil partner) died on or after 6th April 2017

Your partner paid National Insurance contributions for at least 25 weeks

Your partner died because of an accident at work or a disease caused by work

When your partner died you were under the state pension age.

Recommended reading: Government | Citizens Advice

No upfront payment required

We understand that the loss of a loved one can be an unexpected expense.
No payment is necessary until after the cremation.

Help paying for a funeral

We have helped many families claim their funeral expenses. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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