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Scatter tubes are containers used to store cremated remains of humans or pets and are specifically designed to enable the scattering of ashes in a controlled way. They can also be used as permanent urns as they will not biodegrade if kept in dry conditions.

How long do scatter tubes last?

If you keep a scatter tube in dry conditions indoors it can be used as a permanent urn. They are made of cardboard so avoid contact with water and damp conditions.

Many people prefer to use them as permanent urns rather than more expensive ceramic urns because they come in a huge variety of designs. It’s often easy to find a design that relates to an interest or subject that your loved one enjoyed.

Are scatter tubes biodegradable?

Cardboard scatter tubes are biodegradable. Kept dry indoors they can be used as a permanent urn, but when placed in water or buried they will immediately begin to degrade.

This can make then a good choice if you plan on scattering the ashes at some point in the future but also want to keep them on display in the mean time. They are often made of recycled cardboard making them eco-friendly.

What size scatter tube do I need?

The size of scatter tube you’ll need is largely dictated by the approximate size of the deceased. There are a range of sizes available making it easy to split the ashes appropriately. We’ve put all the information you should need in the table below.

If you’re splitting the ashes between family members then obviously it’s going to depend on how you’re splitting them. A medium scatter tube has half the capacity of a large scatter tube so that’s fairly straight forward.

The extra small scatter tubes or keepsake urns are a good choice if you’re dividing the ashes among a larger number of people or you want to take a small amount of the ashes to scatter but are keeping the rest.

Alternatively you may wish to have a scattering ceremony in which family and friends each scatter from a smaller tube at the same time.

Please note: There can be some variation in storage capacity between items so confirm on the details page before purchasing.


Scatter Tubes


Scatter Tubes

Bluebell Forest

Scatter Tubes


Scatter Tubes


Scatter Tubes

Forget Me Not

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