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Keepsake scatter tubes (also known as scatter pods) are specifically designed to hold a small amount of ashes of your loved one. They are basically smaller versions of the full size scatter tubes but are very handy when splitting ashes.

What are keepsake scatter tubes for?

Examples of when you would need a keepsake scatter tube:

1. The ashes are to be split between family members to be kept either permanently or until a later date. Many people use the scatter tubes as a permanent urn. They will function perfectly well as a permanent container as long as they are kept indoors in dry conditions. This provides an affordable option for storing after splitting the ashes.

2. A group scattering at a memorial service. Rather than have one person scatter the ashes from a large container you can split the ashes in to smaller scatter tubes so that all family members can take part in a scattering. The size of scatter tube you’ll need will depend on how many you’re splitting the ashes between.

3. Travelling with ashes. Taking the ashes to a favourite holiday destination is a popular way of scattering ashes. Whether you’re going abroad or not it’s often best to travel light and cardboard scatter tubes may be the best option.
Some people choose to scatter all the ashes but others choose to keep the majority of the ashes at home permanently and take a small amount in a keepsake scatter tube to perform a ceremonial scattering.

4. In cases where family members have their own preferences as to what should be done with their loved ones ashes. Some people like to keep the ashes, other prefer scattering. Even if everyone agrees that the ashes should be scattered not everyone agrees where they should be scattered. Dividing them between family members can be a good compromise.

We performed a funeral for one family whose loved one was originally from Australia. They split the ashes so that they could scatter at their home in the UK and take some to scatter in his home town in Australia with his family there at a later date.

Ocean Sunset Keepsake Scatter tube

Keepsake – Ocean Sunset

Sunflower Keepsake Scatter tube

Keepsake – Sunflower

Rainbow Keepsake Scatter tube

Keepsake – Rainbow

Autumn Keepsake Scattertube

Keepsake – Autumn

Balloon Keepsake Scattertube

Keepsake – Balloon

Wildflpwer Keepsake Scattertube

Keepsake – Wildflower

Keepsake Scatter Tube Tranquil Lake

Keepsake – Tranquil Lake

Keepsake Scatter Tube Flying Doves

Keepsake – Flying Doves

Keepsake Scatter Tube Moonlit Cat

Keepsake – Moonlit Cat

Keepsake Scatter Tube Poppy Field

Keepsake – Poppy Field

Keepsake Scatter Tube Dark Green

Keepsake – Dark Green

Keepsake Scatter Tube Maroon Red

Keepsake – Maroon Red

Keepsake Scatter Tube Teddy Bear

Keepsake – Teddy Bear

Keepsake Scatter Tube Paw Print

Keepsake – Paw Print

Keepsake Scatter Tube Staggered Paw Prints

Keepsake – Staggered Paw Prints

Keepsake Scatter Tube Sunset

Keepsake – Sunset

Keepsake Scatter Tube Paw Prints Twin Pack

Paw Prints Twin Pack

Keepsake Moonlit Cat Twin Pack

Moonlit Cat Twin Pack

Angel Keepsake

Keepsake – Angel

Dad Keepsake Urn

Dad Keepsake Urn


Purple & Silver Keepsake Urn

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